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Scratch and Scuff Repair

Scuffs and scrapes on car may seem like a right of passage for a 10-year-old car. But what happens if you want to keep your car looking perfect regardless of how old it is?

At Colorworks Vickery Collision we pride ourselves on being able to provide options in the auto body repair process. A quick examination of how it happened and where the damage is will help us understand your needs on how to get your car back to the condition your want it in.

If your car is brand new or you’re after that perfect showroom shine and a lifetime warranty then our collision repair service is the best choice for you. Top quality materials, all the parts off the car and a high tech spray booth helps ensure the longevity of your finish and your love for the car.

If your cars is older but you want to keep it looking good on a budget then our partner Colorworks offers cosmetic repair options front simple scratch repair to refinishing just a corner bumper. All this packaged into a unique mobile service helps keep a smile on your face and budget.

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